Tell It to the CEO: How to Write Compelling Executive Summaries and Briefings

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When executives demand a one-page summary, how do you condense all your detail? Tell It to the CEO outlines steps to:

  • Tell executives what they need to know — in a page or less.
  • Use compelling language that will get executives' attention.
  • Put things in perspective to show executives the business impact of your points.
  • Set a proactive and constructive tone.
  • Select a format that best conveys your message.
  • Get rid of the fluff and filler and say more in fewer words.

What's New and Unique in Tell It to the CEO

  • Helps you decide what to say in your executive briefings.
  • Defines what executives demand of the reports they receive.
  • Includes samples of executive summaries and briefings in multiple formats and styles.
  • Shows you how to turn a report into a presentation without rewriting.

In addition to the book, you also receive:

  • A laminated Tip Sheet for easy reference.
  • A CD with additional samples, answers to exercises, and electronic files of Writing Tips.

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