How to Write Concisely

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How to Write Concisely is a compact reference sheet of proven tips for saying what you need to say in the fewest words possible. This reference shows how to: 1) determine what readers need to know, 2) eliminate unneeded words, and 3) get to the point quickly.

How to Write Concisely includes the following:

  • Start With Three Questions
  • Tips for a Brief Document (under one page)
  • Tips for a Longer Document (a full page or more)
  • How to Eliminate the Most Common Causes of Wordiness
    • Filler Phrases
    • Drawn-out Verbs
    • Repetition
    • Redundancy
    • Generalizations
    • Passive Voice
  • Example of a Wordy E-mail
  • Example of Wordiness Highlighted
  • Example of a Concise E-mail (It is reduced from 167 to 75 words, and it says more than the original.)
  • Seven Essential Steps to Concise Writing

About the Quick Tips Series

Quick Tips for Business Writing is a series of compact reference sheets that cover what you need to know to:

  • Make your writing concise, correct, consistent, and inviting.
  • Get your message read, understood, and acted on quickly.
  • Establish your professionalism and credibility through your written words.

Each reference sheet in the Quick Tips for Business Writing series is:

  • Two pages, plus a cover sheet of topics.
  • Designed for quick browsing and searching.
  • Formatted for quick readability.
  • Easy to understand and apply.
  • Specific, offering how-to instructions and examples.
  • Comprehensive, answering the most frequent questions about business writing.
  • Available as PDF for use on electronic devices.

What Does It Accomplish ?

The Quick Tips for Business Writing series enables business writers and editors to:

  • Get quick, complete, and accurate answers to their most frequent questions.
  • Avoid the most common errors.
  • Establish consistency in form and style.
  • Minimize editing and revising.
  • Save time writing.
  • Facilitate proofreading.

Work teams, departments, or organizations get even greater payback by having everyone in the group use Quick Tips for Business Writing consistently. This eliminates:

  • Inconsistencies.
  • Errors.
  • Disagreements.
  • Editing for personal preference.
  • Purchase of large or multiple reference books.

Customization Available

If your work group or organization needs to establish unique guidelines for writing, Quick Tips for Business Writing can be customized to include your specific directions. Contact us at or 207-338-0108 for more information.

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